CENTECH Professional Services Experience


Since 1988, CENTECH has served government and corporate clients on more than 3,000 contracts and major task orders and has delivered best-practices solutions with the highest past-performance evaluation ratings. We provide cost-effective, reliable and error-free solutions that support operations within numerous government agencies and departments. Further, we have an un-rivaled history in software engineering and have completed over 150 mission-critical, software development projects for federal government customers with a 100 percent success rate.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection IT Training - CENTECH has been supporting the Customs Office of Information and Technology (OIT) Training Branch (TB) initiatives since 1995 and the Office of Training and Development (OTD) since 1999. Our staff includes instructional systems designers, training specialists, systems analysts, PC software instructors, quality assurance specialists and on-line help designers. We support 18,000 Customs users working at the 300 Customs monitored ports, plus an additional 20,000 users at ATF, Secret Service, Coast Guard, Treasury, and other law enforcement agencies. During the past seven years, we have developed, administered, and delivered 400+ courses, plus we have designed, developed, and maintained a Customs training web site that meets the Section 508 compliance requirements.

U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Records – CENTECH provides support services to the US Coast Guard National Maritime Center’s (NMC) Merchant Mariner Records program, record and document management, conversion, and imaging, Web access through a secure intranet network and FOIA administration. We also provide the U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Directorate with IRM technical support including: LAN/WAN support, Web development and Internet access, database design and development, systems and software development, data entry and data management.

U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters & Infrastructure – CENTECH provides performance-based IT infrastructure support services to the US Coast Guard (USCG) Headquarters Support Command. Our services include help desk, system and server support to MS 2000 workstations and servers, email support, training on MS applications, customer service to  the IT Resource Center (ITRC), media services (e.g., AV support and video teleconferencing), and resource management. We track inventory, parts and repair status, and support the Coast Guard Messaging System. We provide LAN/WAN services, and support the 3Com VoIP implementation throughout the USCG. The HSC network consists of over 3,500 users.
We maintain over 100 servers, including DNS, email, DHCP,VoIP, network, application servers, file and print servers, and HP printers and Xerox printer/copiers. For telecommunications, CENTECH provides system administration maintenance upgrades and DHCP service to the HSC VoIP implantation. Currently, we support over 600 telephone handsets. Handsets double as HUB switches for LAN connectivity to desktop PCs. We have applied this process to two efforts within HSC. Other work covered under this contract includes: Assisting customers with creating, editing, and producing digital video content; Providing intranet Web development assistance to HQ and remote HQ sites; Maintaining HQ intranet home page; Developing and publishing HSC intranet content for both HQ and the Coast Guard-wide central portal. CENTECH provides graphics and other training. CENTECH also assists with improving existing or configuring new office Web applications on HQ intranet systems.

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