Experience – CENTECH has served government and corporate clients on more than 4,000 contracts and major task orders and has delivered best-practices solutions with the highest past-performance evaluation ratings. We provide cost-effective, reliable and error-free solutions that support operations within numerous government agencies and departments. Further, we have an un-rivaled history in software engineering and have completed over 150 mission-critical, software development projects for federal government customers with a 100 percent success rate.

Quality Assurance – We are committed to Continuous Performance Improvement Partnership™ (CPIP) and we utilize our own custom-developed, industry-leading ISO 9001:2008 certified and SEI CMMI Maturity Level 3 assessed management processes and systems to ensure customer satisfaction. We are recognized within the IT industry as leaders in project control and quality service and support. Our technology and processes are part of a comprehensive, systematic approach to ensuring customer satisfaction through our demonstration of a clear and measurable improvement in client services – for each successive year – on every contract.

We have invested heavily in processes and tools to bring our clients added value that results in significant and measurable performance results. No other organization that can provide its clients with the comprehensive project management systems and procedures offered by our organization.

Contacts – CENTECH is completely responsive, flexible, and adaptable in providing the optimal support to our clients.

Subcontractors – We believe in the adage “You can be judged by the company you keep.” After building and earning a reputation as a company with the highest integrity and delivering on our promises, we seek out the best companies to team and partner with in order to deliver not only complete solutions to our clients, but the best solutions.

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